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Medical Qigong: the 4000 year old healing technique


With the recent launch of our partner Tavoos Garden Restaurant & Non-Profit Wellness Center next to our hotel we are pleased to be able to offer our guests some amazing wellness packages.  Many of you ask “What is Qigong?”, it is the same question Ils Cools who is an instructor at Tavoos is asked each day. Here is her explanation.

“So what do you do?”

“I teach Medical Qigong.”

“Uhuh…sorry medical what?”

This kind of conversation I have quite a lot. Everybody knows yoga but almost nobody has ever heard of Medical Qigong. So how to explain a 4000 year old healing system in a couple of words? I can’t.  Because basically you have to experience it to understand it.  But I always give it a try. 

I start with saying that it’s an exercise system to bring back balance in your body. With 7 very simple exercises which everybody, in whatever condition his or her body is, can do, we look for our body’ center or dantien.   Although Qigong is based in the traditional Chinese medicine with its 5 element theory it’s also pure science.   Applied physics to be more specific.   “Physics? Ewwwww, that must be boring” I can almost hear you thinking. It’s not, because I’m not teaching physics. I’m teaching you to become aware of your body, to start to understand what is going on there.

Which habits you have that are not helping your health and how to change them. The more you become aware of your body, the more you can rely on yourself for curing any of your ailments. This system not only helps you to cure, it also helps you to prevent. And that is the real medicine.

As Thomas Alva Edison already said in the late 1800’s: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame…” That is exactly what medical Qigong is all about. The awareness and the care about your human frame. Come and experience this for yourself at Tavoos Garden. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

By Ils Cools

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