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Yoga & Wellness Retreats


Yoga Retreats and wellness retreats are some of the largest trends in the tourism industry now.  Especially for people who are traveling for a long period of time.  It gives them a chance to take a break from jumping from one hotel to another, and relax for a few days while following a schedule.

Siem Reap Yoga & Wellness Retreats

We have had guests say how they love the fact that they can just shut off their brain and have someone tell them “now you will have dinner” or “now you can receive a massage.”  It allows people to feel nurtured while being part of a small community for a few days.  It allows people to let go and relax, meet new friends or connect with their partner.

Siem Reap is the perfect place to host retreats.  Whether it is large scale Yoga retreats where a big group come from different parts of the world for a week, or a short retreat where people pop in for 3 or 4 nights to take part in daily Yoga classes, and follow a clean diet regiment.

Since our launch in 2015, we started to focus on Yoga and wellness retreats.  Attracting guests and retreat hosts from all corners of the globe. All coming to us with one purpose: wellness.  We have spent countless hours training our staff and perfecting our detox menu.  we have spent countless hours building excursions, and spiritual and cultural activities for our Retreat guests to enjoy.  All in the name of hospitality and wellness.

Siem Reap Yoga

All this hard work pays off when you become known as the Top Retreat Center in Siem Reap.  It becomes even more exciting when you realize that all other retreat centers in town are trying to copy your every move and plan.  We take this as a compliment, realizing that our retreats must be so attractive that everyone else in town is replicating.

We were the first to offer spiritual sessions as part of our retreats, we were the first to offer guided tours as part of our retreats and we were the first offering non-profit retreats.

Our packages are designed for those who want to experience different wellness activities which are welcoming to all.  Activities where nobody is judged or forced to do anything they are not comfortable doing.  We are the only place to offer wellness retreats which are luxury based, at an affordable rate.

Yoga Retreats Siem Reap

We do not oversell our retreat packages.  Numbers to us matter in smaller amounts.  We are not set up to profit, we are set up to offer personalized packages.  There are many respectable retreat facilities in Siem Reap which fill up their space with 30 to 40 guests each week.  It is great as a business model in order to make huge amounts of profits, but when it comes to customer service and personal attention, this is not a great plan to follow.  

From the moment a guest books their retreat with us, we get in touch with them individually, working out their meal plan and figuring out their needs.  Our goal is to allow guests to show up here not feeling intimidated.  Knowing they are in a family friendly environment to experience not just Yoga, but also other wellness activities which will have them leave our hotel relaxed and rejuvenated.  

Now the good news we have been waiting to share with everyone.  Because of the launch of a new Yoga Center in Siem Reap, we have been able to expand our retreat packages.  Tavoos Garden & Wellness Center is our newest partner, providing our guests with a beautiful, tropical Zen Yoga garden.

Since Tavoos Garden & Wellness Center opened its doors right next to us, we have developed a great partnership with them for our retreat packages. Guests can stay at our beautiful hotel and take part in our 3 Day, 4 Day, 5 Day and 6 Day retreat packages where they get to attend daily Yoga classes, Medical Qigong, Nia Dance, Art classes, Field trips and amazing, healthy nutritionist designed meals.

The focus at Tavoos Garden & Wellness Center is the same as ours:  providing luxurious, non-judgemental, intimate retreats to guests.

Yoga Retreats in Siem Reap have a new home, Green Leaf Boutique Hotel & Tavoos Garden.

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