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We are proud that the largest recorded mural in Cambodia sits at our hotel. Natasha’s inspiration came from Mother Nature.

When you enter our hotel you will see the beautiful friendly face of mother nature gazing over the pool, as her hair flows down the wall and transforms into flowers, waterfalls, open fields and finishes with a peaceful sleeping Volcano.

As you sit in the comfort of your private patio outside of your room, you can spend a lot of time taking in Natasha’s artwork and discovering the little hidden secrets.


Natasha had our young guests in mind while she was painting this masterpiece.  She meticulously painted 37 little animals in this mural.  Hidden within the flowers, resting between the rocks and flying in the sky.

If you have children traveling with you, we encourage you to have them go around finding these hidden creatures.  Our staff will gladly give them a “Treasure Map” so that they can discover the animals while you relax poolside.

The Rooms

Our rooms are decorated with a unique zen style.  A beautiful net drapes around the bed while you rest on our extremely comfortable mattress.

Our bathrooms give you the feeling of a spa, with the rock covered floors and bamboo walls.

The Restaurant & Bar

Indulge in internationally inspired cuisine while taking in the view of our pool and garden.

Relax in our pool while enjoying a carefully crafted cocktail.