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How are we Green?

Our mission since day one has been to serve our community as a green leader. We understand the importance of conscious tourism and are always looking for ways to expand our initiatives.


  1. LESS PLASTIC:  We provide our guests with glass water bottles in the rooms and offer unlimited complimentary water fill ups at our self serve fill up stations.  On average this saves close to 20,000 per year plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and around Siem Reap
  2.  TOWEL CARDS:  We ask our guests to be conscious about asking for fresh room towels every day.  If a guest would like a fresh towel we ask them to leave it on the floor, otherwise reuse it
  3. ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION:  When guests are out of the hotel for the day, we remotely shut off the power to the room, avoiding any unnecessary use of electricity.  We ask guests to let us know if they wish for us to turn on their Air Conditioning unit a few minutes before they arrive back
  4. BIO DIESEL:  We purchase Bio Diesel for our backup generator for a cleaner output
  5. CAN RECYCLING:  We gather used cans and sell them as scrap so they do not end up in landfills.  The money we donate back into our foundation or give to our staff as an incentive
  6. LED LIGHTING:  We use as much LED lighting as possible
  7. DRAPE SHUTTING:  We shut room drapes in order to avoid heated up rooms which use more Air Conditioning
  8. ENERGY STAR:  We use Energy Star appliances
  9. AUTOMATED POOL PUMP:  Our pool has a sophisticated automated function to run at a minimum level based on pool usage
  10. MORE TREES:  We have planted a lot of trees, both to offer shade to the rooms in order to keep them cooler, but to also help purify the air we breathe
  11. IMMEDIATE ACTION:  As soon as we learn about a leaking toilet, we take action to avoid water waste
  12. SOAP:  We donate our leftover soap to organizations that recycle and donate them back to the less fortunate
  13. FOOD:  We purchase locally grown, organic ingredients from trusted farmers
  14. REDUCING FOOD WASTE:  Our kitchen staff is well educated on reducing food waste
  15. LEFTOVERS:  We donate our leftover food
  16. BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES:  We have planted specific trees and flowers in order to invite more birds and butterflies to our hotel
  17. COMPOSTING:  Vegetable waste is composted
  18. ESPRESSO PUCKS:  Espresso pucks we purchase are designed to be put in the garden afterwards as compost
  19. EDUCATION:  We educate our staff and offer incentives in order for them to keep expanding our hotel’s green program
  20. CLEAN UP:  We pay additional fees to garbage collection services in order to pick up garbage from our neighbourhood

Please be a conscious traveler.  Thank you for your support! 

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