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Our Location

We are situated in a quiet area, but conveniently within a 10 minute walk or 3 minute tuk tuk ride from the very busy “Pub Street“, Old Market and Night Market area.

You can enjoy the busy tourist areas, but retreat back to our quiet oasis to get away from the noise.

7 km / 4.3 miles

Angkor Wat

Easy access to the Angkor Archaeological Park where majority of the temples are located.  You can travel by tuk tuk which only takes 20 minutes, by car 10 minutes or even bike.

1 KM / 0.6 MILES

Old Market / Pub Street

Only a ten minute walk, or a short 3 minute Tuk Tuk ride to the centre of Siem Reap where majority of the restaurants, bars and the markets are.

After spending some time in the busy and loud Pub Street, we were happy to return to the quiet oasis of Green Leaf.  Very easy and safe walk back.

Yoga / Meditation / Qigong / Massage

Tavoos Garden

Situated next to our hotel is Tavoos Garden.  A venue for inspiration.  Take part in daily Yoga, meditation and medical Qigong.  Practice art or simply lounge back and relax.

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