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With its history of ancient civilization, and recent history of genocide, Cambodia has a lot to offer for many fields of education.

We have had the opportunity to host education retreats in partnership with highschools and universities from around the world.

Our team can assist with your school to build education retreats for the following courses:

  • History
  • Child Psychology
  • Social Studies
  • International Development
  • Archeology

At the same time, we can professionally produce a documentary about your course.

To host your education retreat, please contact: retreats@thegreenleafboutique.com

Student Reviews

I came with a group of students and my professor from my university to visit Siem Reap on a 2 1/2 week study abroad case study. Green Leaf instantly felt like home, thanks to the staff and the intimate environment.  Whenever Amir had time to be around, I
never seemed to have an end to the number of questions I wanted to ask.  By the end of the trip, these people were my family and this place felt like home. I was truly sad to leave.


TripAdvisor Review

I just recently got back to the states from a two and a half week study abroad program in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A group of students and I stayed at Green Leaf for the entirety of our stay, with a short trip to Phnom Pen. I can’t express how wonderful my stay was at Green Leaf, and how extraordinary the service was. The staff here is amazing and so compassionate, and made Cambodia feel like home. The Green Leaf Boutique does so many amazing things for the community, and was essential in organizing such a successful trip. When I come back to Siem Reap, I won’t stay anywhere else because Green Leaf is so much more than just a hotel; it’s a home. Thank you to the staff at Green Leaf for the experiences, friendships, and love I never could have imagined receiving. I will be back!


TripAdvisor Review

I made a trip advisor account exclusively so I could share how wonderful this place is
I truly believe that, at the age of 21, I have now received the best service that I will ever receive in my life. The people at Green Leaf were kind, welcoming, funny, smart, happy people. They opened their doors to me and my classmate and created a home for us during our two week stay.

I have formed deep friendships with some of the staff here and am truly heartbroken that I have to leave. My solace is that I know I have a home across the world now. I cannot recommend this place more highly.


TripAdvisor Review

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